. How did Mendel interpret his result to show that traits may be dominant or recessive? Describe briefly

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Ans. i. In Mendel's experiment  with pea plants, when he crossbred a pure tall pea plant when a pure dwarf pea plant, he found  that the first generation  F1 was of only tall plan Tallness is the dominant  trait.

ii. Then he produced  F2 generation  by selfing of hybrids F1.

iii.  In the F1 progeny, no dwarf plants were obtained. However in F 2 generation, both and dwarf plants were obtained  in the ratio 3 : 2 respectively.

iv. He observed  that even when not expressed  in the first generation, alternate forms of a trait  could  retain  their  identify  in  the  hybrid  and  could  re-emerge  in  the  next generation.

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