. How do social divisions affect politics? Give two examples

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Answer: Democracy involves competition among various political parties. Their competition tends to divide any society. If they start competing in terms of some existing social divisions, it can make social divisions into political divisions and lead to conflict, violence or even disintegration of a country. This has happened in many countries:

a. In North Ireland – It has faced violent and bitter ethnopolitical conflict. Two major sects of Christianity – Protestants (53 per cent) and Roman Catholics(44 per cent) are represented in the country. The Catholics were represented by Nationalist parties who demanded that Northern Ireland be unified with the Republic of Ireland, a predominantly Catholic country. The Protestants were represented by Unionists who wanted to remain with the UK, which is predominantly protestant. The fight between Nationalist and Unionist led to social conflicts where hundreds of civilians died.

b. In Yugoslavia – Political competition along religious and ethnic lines led to the disintegration of Yugoslavia into six independent countries

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