. How does Amoeba obtain its food

(a) Endocytosis

(b) Exocytosis

(c) Phagocytosis

(d) Both A and C

Best Answer

Ans. Correct option is (d).

The food in amoeba is obtained by the tactic of endocytosis. Endocytosis is additionally a cellular process where the substances are brought into the cell by a cytomembrane surrounding the cell. Cell membranes then break off and form a vesicle surrounding the food material. Additional information 1. The term endocytosis was discovered by De Duve in 1963.

Endocytosis is of two types: (a) Pinocytosis – is additionally observed as fluid endocytosis. it's the tactic during which the limited suspended particles present within the bodily fluid are taken into the cell through the invagination of the cytomembrane. This winds up within the formation of small vesicles containing a suspension of the particles. (b)Phagocytosis – it's a Greek signified “to eat”. during this process, there are certain living cells which are called phagocytes engulf the cells or other particles. it's an individual's process against certain infections within the case of upper animals. 2. The amoeba engulfs food with the assistance of pseudopodia so it forms a vesicle around it. 3. When the particle is inside the vesicle, amoeba secretes digestive enzymes that digest the food particle.

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