. How does Jo want the story to end and why

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Ans. Jack ends the story in a way that seems unusual to Jo. In her dream world, the wizard is a phenomenon worker. She can’t digest the statement that the little skunk’s mama hit the wizard right on his head with her marquee and he agreed to do what she asked. Roger Skunk didn't smell of roses any further. He smelled veritably bad again.

Jo didn't want the story to end this way. She had in mind, the pleasure of all the little creatures. She says, “But daddy, also he said about the other little creatures run down!” Her father admits it. He agrees that Roger Skunk told his mama, “But Mommy, all the other creatures run down”. The mama doesn't bother about them. She says bluntly, “I don’t care". You smelled the way a little skunk should have.”

Jo can’t, digest the ending that the mama hit the wizard right over the head and he made Roger Skunk smell veritably bad again. She suggested to her father to end the story in another fanner — “The wizard hit her on the head and didn't change that little skunk back. ”She“ wanted that stupid mammy to be penalized and claimed constantly on the changed ending coming night till her father agreed to consider it, saying, “Well, we ’ll see”.


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