. How far is it correct that democratic system provides the best method to deal with differences and conflicts

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Ans: i. In any society people are bound to have differences of opinions and interests. These differences are particularly sharp in a country like ours which has an amazing social diversity. People belong to different regions, speak different languages, practice different religions and have different castes. They look at the world very differently and have different preferences

ii. Different groups may not be able to live together for long in such a way. Democracy provides the only peaceful solution to this problem

iii. In democracy, no one is a permanent winner. No one is a permanent loser. Different groups can live with one another peacefully. In a diverse country like India, democracy keeps our country together

iv. In democracy government listens to demands of various social and cultural groups. Every group has a right to express their views.    Government is always talking to various groups so that dispute is resolved through negotiation

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