. how many lines of symmetry does a parallelogram has

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The lines of symmetry in a parallelogram are those lines that divide a parallelogram into halves such that every half is the reflect picture of the other. We realize that there are different parallelograms categorized as according to their shapes, the line segments, and corners they are made up of. Thus, they have different lines of symmetry and different numbers of symmetry lines. We can locate whether a shape is symmetrical by folding it and checking for the Line of Symmetry. If the folded component sits perfectly on top, with all edges and corners matching, then the folded line represents a Line of Symmetry and that shape known as symmetrical either along its length, breadth, or diagonals. Let's check for the lines of symmetry in a general parallelogram:

symmetry does a parallelogram

From the given figure. we can say that:

There is no line of symmetry of a parallelogram along its length, breadth. There is no superimposition of 1 half on the alternative when folded along its 1/2 of.

The diagonals of parallelogram are not symmetrical. This is because, when we fold the parallelogram along the diagonal line, we do not get the equal form as halves.

Thus, the parallelograms have no lines of symmetry however they have rotational symmetry at 180°, approximately the center.

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