. How many pairs of chromosomes are present in human beings

Out of these, how many are sex chromosomes? How many types of sex chromosomes are found in human beings?

"The sex of a newborn child is a matter of chance and none of the parents may be considered responsible for it"

Draw a flowchart showing the determination of the sex of a newborn to justify this statement.


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Explanation and Final Answer:-

Part 1- There are  23 pairs of chromosomes in human beings

Part 2- Out of 23 only one pair is sex chromosome while other 22 are known as Autosomes, there are two types of sex chromosome they are X and Y chromosomes.

Part 3- Sex is determined by the presence of sex chromosomes that is X and Y in human beings. Male has X and Y chromosomes while female has two X chromosomes (XX).

Sperm has a X and a Y chromosome while the egg has only one X chromosome.

While the process of fertilisation if a zygote had a XY chromosome then it develops in male child and if zygote had XX chromosome then it develops as Female child.



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