. How the Balkans problem created conditions for the First World War

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Ans: The ‘Balkans’ comprised modern day Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Mucedonia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro. The Balkans based their claims for independence or political rights on nationality. Hence, the different groups of people began to struggle to win back their long-lost independence

i. The Balkan area in west Europe became an area of intense conflict as the different Slavic nationalities were struggling to define their identity and independence from Ottoman Empire

ii. The Balkan states were fiercely jealous of each other and each hoped to gain more territory at the expense of the others. This resulted in intense rivalry between Balkan states

iii. Matters were further complicated because the Balkans also became the scene of big power rivalry. During this period, there was intense rivalry among the European powers over trade and colonies as well as naval and military might

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