. How to find log of any number

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There are three properties of logarithm:

log(mn)=log m + log n

log(m/n)=log m - log n

log(mn)=nlog m

Sometimes, When there's no log table around you, the most effective thing you obtain is your mind.

Here is a way which may be used to calculate the logarithm of more than a few if there's no log table to use.

This is likewise useful if the number is just too big to be calculated by a calculator.

First of all, recall the subsequent fundamental log values (it's no damage to recall those despite the fact that you have a log table).

log 2=0.301

log 3=0.477

log 5=0.699

log 7=0.845

These four values can be applied to calculate the log of any number.

The formula to calculate:

log (a+b)=log a +b /(2.42×a)

Final answer:

We have explained the main method to find any log value.


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