. Identify meso compounds


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A meso compound is defined as a compound that has multiple chiral centers but is still achiral.

In other words, an achiral compound having chiral centers is what we call a meso compound.

This achirality in a compound with chiral centers arises from the presence of an internal plane of symmetry that makes it superimposable on its mirror image.

Since meso compounds are achiral or optically inactive, they show net zero rotation of plane polarized light.

Hence, to find the meso compound out of the given four options, we must make sure that the compound has:

  1. At least two chiral carbons
  2. An internal plane of symmetry

In option A:

chiral carbons

We have two chiral centers ( as marked)  but no internal plane of symmetry, thus, it is not a meso compound.

In option B:

chiral centers


We have two chiral centers (as marked) and also an internal plane of symmetry, which can be clearly seen from its fischer projection:

clearly seen

where the red line shows the internal plane of symmetry and hence, it is a meso compound.

In options C and D, there are no chiral carbons and hence, the first condition for being a meso compound is not fulfilled and hence, they are not meso compounds.

Final Answer:

Hence, the correct option is B:fulfilled


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