. Identify the feminine form of the noun: Bachelor

a. Bachelorette

b. Bachelors

c. Bacheloress

d. She-bachelor

Best Answer

Correct option is: A.

The female form of the word ‘bachelor’ is ‘bachelorette’. Although, we generally relate to an unmarried woman as a ‘partner’ but ‘bachelorette’ has come a more conventional term now. The term ‘bachelorette’ has been deduced from a famous Television show ‘The Dating Game Television Show’, where the female competitors are appertained to as ‘The Bachelor’.

Let’s examine the given options

Bachelorette-As described over, bachelorette is the most respectable female form of bachelorette. Hence, it's the correct answer.

Bachelors-The word ‘bachelors’ isn't used in English language. Hence, it's an incorrect option.

Bacheloress-The word ‘bacheloress’ was firstly used as the female noun of bachelor. But the use of suffix ‘ess’ was replaced by the suffix ‘ette’ to neutralize the terms that denote female nouns. Hence, it's an incorrect option.


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