. Identify the odd one

A: Benguela current

B: Peruvian current

C: Canary current

D: Gulf stream

Best Answer


  • The Benguela current is a cold, broad current that runs northward along southern Africa's west coast.
  • The Peru Circulation, sometimes known as the Humboldt Current, is a cold-water current in the southeast Pacific Ocean that spans roughly 900 kilometers (550 mi).
  • The Canary Current, which is part of the North Atlantic Gyre, is a wind-driven surface current. This eastern border current splits from the North Atlantic Current and flows southwest as far as Senegal, before turning west and merging with the Atlantic North Equatorial Current.
  • The Gulf Stream is a powerful ocean stream that transports warm water from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic. It runs the length of the United States' and Canada's eastern coasts.

Correct Option is: (D) Gulf stream.

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