. Identify the type of tissue in the following

Skin, Bark of tree, Bone , Lining of kidney tubule, Vascular bundle.

Best Answer

Explanation :- 

Tissues are groups of cells that are similar in structure and function.

On the basis of organisms, tissues are classified into two categories :-

Plant tissue  B) Animal tissue

Skin - Skin is the protective covering of our body. It is made up of stratified squamous epithelial tissue. 

The bark of the tree :- Bark of the tree is the outer covering of stem and branches. It provides protection against loss of water,

insects and provides insulation against heat and cold. It is made up of cork tissue.

Bone :- Bone is a rigid connective tissue which provides mechanical support and framework to the body. 

The lining of kidney tubules :- Cuboidal epithelial tissue makes up the lining of kidney tubules. Cuboidal epithelial tissue helps in absorption and secretion.

Vascular bundle :- Vascular bundles are also known as Xylem and phloem. They are secondary permanent tissue and help in conduction of water and food respectively.

Final answer :- 

The correct answer is skin - stratified squamous epithelial tissue, bark of the tree - cork tissue, bone - connective tissue, lining of kidney tubules -

cuboidal epithelium and vascular bundle - complex permanent tissue.


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