. If NaCl is doped with 10-3 mol percent

 of  What is the concentration of cation vacancies?SrC12



Best Answer


NaCl is doped with 10-3  mol percent of  SrC12

Then we can define that 100 moles of NaCl are doped with 0.001 moles of SrC12

Thus 1 mole of NaCl is doped with 0.001/100=10-5 moles of SrC12

This can also be defined as 10-5 moles of Sr2+ cations.

This defines that one Sr2+ ion creates one cation vacancy.

So 10-5 moles of Sr2+ will create 10-5  moles of cation vacancies which will be calculated by just multiplying it by avogadro number


Final answer: Thus, 6.0221018 cation vacancies per mole of NaCl.



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