. If we cross pure bred tall (dominant) pea plant with pure-bred dwarf (recessive) pea plant we will get pea plants of F1generation

If we now self-cross  the pea plant  of F1 generation, then we obtain  pea plants  of F2 generation.                                                

(a) What do the plants  of F1 generation look like?

(b) State the ratio of tall plants  to dwarf  plants  in F2 generation.

(c) State the type of plants  not found in F1 generation but appeared in F2 generation, mentioning the reason for the same.


Best Answer

Ans. (a) The plants of F1 generation  are all Tall.

(b) Tall plants : Dwarf plants  - 3 : 1

(c) Dwarf plants: This is because in F1 generation, Tall is a dominant  trait whereas in F2 generation, two copies of 'tt'/recessive traits made the plant dwarf

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