. In a large cylindrical water tank there are two small holes Q and P on the wal

at a depth of h1 from upper level of water and at a height of h2 from the lower end of the tank respectively as shown in the figure. Water coming out from both the holes strike the ground at the same point. The ratio of h1 and h2 is:


A. 1

B. 2

C. >1

D. <1



Best Answer

Ans: A

Sol: The two streams strike at the same point on the ground,

R1 = R2 = R

v1 t1 = v2 t2...............(i)       


Putting these values in equation (1), we obtain,

(H – h1) h1 = (H – h2) h2

 [H-(h1 + h2)] [h1 – h2] = 0

H = h1 + h2 is irrelevant because the holes are at two different heights, therefore h1 = h2

(h1/h2) = 1



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