. In a monohybrid cross between tall pea plants (TT) and short pea plants

(Tt) a scientist obtained only  tall  pea  plants  (Tt)  in  the  F1  generation. However,  on  selfing the  F1 generation pea plants,  he obtained both  tall and short  plants  in F2 generation. On the basis of above observations with other angiosperms also, can the scientist arrive at a law? If yes, explain the law. If not, give justification for your answer.                         


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Ans.  Law of Segregation:

When  plants  of  two  different  traits  of  character  are  crossbred  to  get  a  progeny  (F1 generation), only the dominant  trait is visible in this generation. But when plants of F1 generation  are selfbred  then  the two traits of character  get separated  and  the recessive traits also appears  in the plant  of F2  generation.  This is known as Law of Segregation (separation) of traits.

Law of Dominance:

According  to this law,  the characteristics  (or traits)  of an  organism  are determined   by internal 'factors' which occur in pairs. Only one of a pair of such factors can be presented in a single gamete. This law explains expression of only of the parental character in F1 generation and expression of both in F2 generation.


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