. In a potato race, a bucket is placed at the starting point, which is 5 m from the first potato,and the other potatoes are placed 3 m apart in a straig

There are ten potatoes in theline (see Fig. 5.6).

there are ten potatoes

A competitor starts from the bucket, picks up the nearest potato, runs back with it, dropsit in the bucket, runs back to pick up the next potato, runs to the bucket to drop it in, andshe continues in the same way until all the potatoes are in the bucket. What is the totaldistance the competitor has to run?




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Solution:Distance covered in picking and dropping 1st potato = 2 x 5 = 10 m

Distance covered in picking and dropping 2nd potato = 2 (5+3) = 16 m

Distance covered in picking and dropping 3rd  potato = 2(5 + 3 + 3) = 22 m

Therefore, a = 10, d = 6 and n = 10

Total distance can be calculated as follows:

sum of the term

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