. In an experiment, freshly hatched larvae of an insect (khapra bettle) were reared on a basal diet

(complete diet without cholesterol) with increasing amounts of cholesterol. Results obtained are shown in the graph given in the table

in an experiment freshly hatched larvae

The graph indicates :

a. cholesterol is an essential dietary requirement of khapra beetle

b. growth of khapra beetle is directly proportional to cholesterol concentration.

c. cholesterol concentration of 2mg/g diet is the optimum level

d. growth of khapra beetle in inhibited when cholesterol concentration exceeds 2mg/g diet.

Best Answer

Ans || (a)

Solution ||| The graph indicated that cholesterol is an essential dietary requirement of khapra beetle because weight of insect larva increases with the increase in amount of cholesterol and weight becomes static at 6 mg cholesterol/g basal diet. If the growth rate would have been directly proportional to the cholesterol concentration then the graph would have been straight line.


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