. In Bougainvillea thorns are the modifications of

A: Leaf

B: Stipules

C: Adventitious root

D: Stem


Best Answer

Explanation :- 

  • Leaves are modified into spines to reduce the loss of water and also these spines act as defense systems. 
  • Bougainvillea do not bear spines as their leaves are not modified.
  • Stipules are leaf-like outgrowth developed on both sides of the petiole. 
  • In some plants, stipules are modified into spines.
  • Adventitious roots provide mechanical support and help in the storage of food.
  • In bougainvillea, tap root system is present. 
  • In bougainvillea, thorns are small, sharp and pointed modification of axillary buds of the stem.

Final answer :-

The correct answer is stem, i.e option (D). 


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