. In each of the following situations, identify the minority. Write one reason why you think it is important to respect the views of the minority in eac

(a) In a school with 30 teachers, 20 of them are male.

(b) In a city, 5 percent of the population are Buddhists.

(c) In a factory mess for all employees, 80 percent are vegetarians.

(d) In a class of 50 students, 40 belong to more well-off families.

Best Answer

Answer: The minority here are the 10 female teachers teaching in the school. It is important to keep the point of view of the female teachers in mind, because despite being a minority, their opinions are of great importance and no decision made keeping the majority views in mind, should cause discomfort for the female teachers.

Answer: Here, the minority is the 5 percent Buddhist population in the city. Their views should be respected. Just because they are in a minority with different religious beliefs, they should not be disrespected. Any decision should be taken keeping in mind the religious feelings of the Buddhist population.
Answer: The minority here are the 20 per cent non-vegetarians having food at the factory mess. It is important that the food prepared in the factory mess must be prepared for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
Answer: In this case, the minority are the 10 students who do not belong to well-off families. It is important to keep their viewpoints in mind, because they may not be able to contribute to the various expenses required by the school and they should not feel humiliated for the same.

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