. In India, we find mangoes with different flavours, colours, fibre content, sugar content and even shelf life

The large variation is ion account of

a. speciesdiversity

b. induced mutations

c. genetic diversity

d. hybridization

Best Answer

Ans || (c)

Solution ||| Genetic diversity is the basis of formation of new species of mangoes with different flavour, colour, fibre content, sugar content and even self life. The greater is the genetic diversity of a species, the higher is its sufficiency to adapt.

The variation in the constitution of genes of a species constitute genetic diversity of that species. The variation in the gene complex of a species allows it to live in its particular habitat. It is only because of this genetic diversity that natural selection can operate in the process of evolution.

The species diversity of any area is determined by various species that live there when the process of mutation (sudden heritable change in genes) can be achieved by artificial means, it is called induced mutation.

Hybridization is the production of one or more hybrid organisms by the mating of genetically different parents.


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