. In Mirabilis the roots are

A: Tuberous

B: Conical

C: Epiphytic

D: Nodulose

Best Answer


  • In Mirabilis the roots are tuberous. Tuberous roots are large, thick, and fleshy, with no definite shape, specialized for storing food.
  • So, tuberous roots are thickened secondary roots formed near the base of the root and are common in the plants like dahlia, and sweet potatoes including Mirabilis. 
  • Conical roots, as the same suggests are conical shaped, stores food e.g., carrot, these are widest at the top and gradually tapers towards the bottom part. Thus, option B is incorrect.
  • Epiphytic plants or the epiphytes are the plants that grow on another plant for support only, and are sometimes termed “air plants”. Epiphytes possess epiphytic roots e.g. Orchids.
  • Nodulose roots, for example in ginger, are swollen at the apex part, because of the accumulation of food. 

Final Answer

Hence, the correct answer is A (Tuberous roots).

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