. In the periodic table from left to right in a period the atomic volume

(a) decreases

(b) increases

(c) remains same

(d) first decreases then increases

Best Answer

Correct Option is: D

Atomic volume first decreases then increases on moving towards the right.

The number of shells in a period remains constant from left to right. However, as the atomic number grows, so does the number of electrons, protons, and neutrons. More nuclear charge is put on the electrons of that atom as the number of protons in the shell increases. It causes a rise in nuclear charge per electron, which attracts and binds electrons firmly. The volume of an atom continues to decrease from the left to the right of the period due to this phenomenon. Noble gases are inert gaseous atoms with entire atomic orbitals at the far right end of the spectrum. Noble gases have large van der Waals radii, which causes their volume to be relatively big. The electrons in the valence shell are coupled. The repulsion of these electrons causes the noble gas to expand in volume

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