. Innate immunity is provided by

A: Antibody

B: Neutrophils

C: B - cells

D: T - cells

Best Answer


Innate immunity is the defense system that is present from birth, it is not specific to a particular microbe, and acts in the same way on all microbes.

Among the components of innate immunity-

1. First line of defense- the physical and chemical barriers (skin and mucous membrane)

2. Second line of defense-antimicrobial substances, natural killer cells, phagocytes, inflammation, and fever.

Innate immunity response is the early sign of warning and it prevents microbes to enter the body and helps eliminate those that do gain access. 

Whereas- T (T-lymphocytes) and B-(B-lymphocytes) cells are involved in adaptive immunity. It gives a specific response to a microbe, it adjusts itself to attack a specific microbe. 

Antibodies are involved in the antibody-mediated immunity against extracellular pathogens, it includes any virus, bacteria, or fungi that are in the body fluids outside cells. 

Final Answer-

So, The correct option is B. 


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