. Isosceles triangle formula sides

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Area of an Isosceles Triangle: It is the distance occupied by the triangle. Here we have 3 formulas to find the area of a triangle, primarily based totally on the given parameters.

Area = 1/2 × Base × Height

Isosceles Triangle

(where, a is the equal side, and b is the base of the triangle).

Area = 1/2 × abSinα

(where, a and b are the lengths of two sides and α is the angle between these sides).

Perimeter of an Isosceles Triangle: In an isosceles triangle, there are 3 sides:  equal sides and one base.

P = 2a + b

Altitude of an Isosceles Triangle: In an triangle, its height is the perpendicular distance from its vertex to its base.

H= Altitude of an Isosceles Triangle

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