. Khaira disease of rice is the caused due to deficiency of

A: Zinc deficiency

B: Boron deficiency

C: Magnesium deficiency

D: All of the above


Best Answer

Explanation : 

  • Zinc is an important nutrient. Khaira disease is caused by a zinc deficit in rice grown in calcareous soil in north India.
  • The important symptoms of Khaira disease are-

(1) Discolouration of lower leaves (brown streaks and blotches) two weeks after transplanting are the main indications of Khaira disease.

(2) The midrib of developing leaves is occasionally chlorotic.

(3) The plants are stunted, and there are little roots.

(4) After several years of rice planting and reclamation, the abnormality becomes apparent.

(5) When bright sunny days prevail, the symptoms grow more acute.

(6) Six weeks after transplantation, the afflicted plants show signs of healing.

Final Answer :

Hence, the correct answer is option A : Zinc deficiency.



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