. Largest lymphatic organ of the body is

A: Cervical mode

B: Liver

C: Spleen

D: Axillary node


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  • Cervical Mode - The lymph nodes of the cervical region are found on the sides and back of the neck. Normally, these glands are rather tiny. An enlarged lymph node, on the other hand, is one that is more than one centimeter in diameter.
  • Liver - The liver is a big, meaty organ located on the right side of the abdominal cavity. The liver is reddish-brown in hue and rubbery to the touch, weighing roughly 3 pounds.
  • Spleen - The spleen is the body's largest lymphatic organ. The spleen is 12 cm (5 inches) in length. During embryonic stages, it filters blood and makes RBC. Lymphocytes are also produced.
  • Axillary Node - The axillary lymph nodes, also known as axillary nodes, are a set of lymph nodes in the axilla that receive lymph from veins that drain the arm, thoracic walls, breast, and upper abdominal walls.
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    Hence, the correct answer is C, Spleen.



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