. life owes its existence to chlorophyll

All life owes its existence to chlorophyll. Give reason.

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Chlorophyll is the green colouring matter found in plants. It is contained in microscopic cell organelles called chloroplasts. Chloroplasts are minute oval bodies bounded by a double membrane, and their interior contains closely packed flattened sacs (thylakoids) arranged in piles (grana) lying in a colourless ground substance called the stroma. Ordinarily, there may be 40-50 chloroplasts in a cell. The pigment chlorophyll is contained in the walls of thylakoids. It is a highly complex substance, composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and magnesium chloroplasts are mainly contained in the mesophyll cells located between the upper epidermis and the lower epidermis of leaves. These are also found in the guard cells of stomata and in the outer layers of young green stems.


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