. List all the wastes that you generate, at home, school or during your trips to other places. Could you very easily reduce the generation of these wast

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We generate a lot of waste during our day to day activities such as:

i.Vegetable, fruit peels and leftover foods. 

ii.Plastic containers, polythene bags, the wrappers of various goods, leftover tinned food, foils, disposable utensils etc. 

iii.Wrapping papers, electronic wastes, sewage, etc.

Yes, most of the waste generation can be minimised or controlled such as:

i.Usage of proper utensils which can be reused over a period of time rather than disposable items.

ii.Using the organic wastes developed in the kitchen i.e. vegetable peels, food leftovers for making compost.

iii.Buying fresh vegetables rather than canned goods.

iv.Avoiding the usage of polythene bags and taking your own cloth bag to buy various products.

Some wastes which can be very difficult to reduce include sewage, waste water from washing clothes, electronic wastes etc.

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