. List four categories of contraceptive methods. State in brief two advantages of adopting such preventive methods.

Best Answer

Ans. Three  different methods of contraception.

The various methods employed for birth control are called contraceptive methods.

The different methods for contraception include

(1) Barrier method

(2)Hormonal Methods

(3)Emergency contraception


The advantages of contraceptions are it helps us to avoid unwanted births and pre- matured pregnancies. The use of barrier contraceptions do not have any side effects also.

Advantages of adopting such preventive methods:

(i) Contraceptive methods are used   to prevent the spread of sexually   transmitted diseases like syphilis, AIDS, etc.

(ii) Contraceptives prevent unwanted and frequent pregnancies. If a couple has less number of children, they can provide good c others, good food and a good education to each .child. This will make the parents as well as children happy.


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