. List four measures that can be taken to conserve forests

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Ans.  Forests can be conserved in the following ways:

(z)  By silviculture -It means  reforesting those forest  lands  from  where large number of trees  have  been  cut  in a planned way.

(ii) By taking  the  help  of the  local  people  in conserving the  forests,  e.g., Sal forests  of Arabari forest  range  of West Bengal were conserved with the help of the local people by the Forest  Department of that  state.

(iii) Encouraging the  people  not  to overuse the materials obtained from  the forests,  e.g., timber.

(iv) Indiscriminate felling  of trees for commercial gains  should be stopped.

(v) Overgrazing in forests  should be discouraged and  forest  fires should be prevented.


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