. List in tabular form, two distinguishing features between the acquired traits and the inherited traits with one example of each

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Acquired traits:

(i) A trait of an organism which is not inherited but develops in response to the environment is called an acquired trait.

(ii) The acquired traits of an organism cannot be passed on to the future generation.

Example:  If a beetle does not get sufficient food for a considerable time, its weight will be reduced due to starvation. The low weight of this beetle is an acquired trait.

Inherited traits:

(i) A trait of an organism which is caused by a change in its gene is called an inherited trait.

(ii)  Inherited traits can be transmitted to future generations because the changes have occurred in the genes.

Example: If in a group of red beetle a colour variation arises during reproduction so that  there is a beetle which  is green in colour. This green colour of the beetle is an inherited character which can pass on to the next generation.


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