. List three distinguishing features, in tabular form, between acquired traits and the inherited traits

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Ans. Difference between Acquired trait and Inherited trait

Acquired trait

i.  A trait of an organism which is not inherited but develops in response  to the environment is called an acquired trait.

ii. The acquired trait of an organism cannot be passed   on   to  its  future generations.

iii.  Acquired traits cannot direct evolution.

Example, "low weight" of beetle, "cut tail" of a mouse.

Inherited traiti.

i.   A trait   of an   organism   which   is caused by a change in its genes (or DNA) is called an inherited trait

ii. The inherited traits of an organism are passed on to its future generations.

iii. Inherited traits can direct evolution .Example, "red colour" of beetles, "fur coat" of guinea pigs.



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