. Mark T if the statement is true and 'F' if it is false

(i) During heavy exercise the breathing rate of person slow down.          (T/F)                                                      

(ii) Plants carry out photosynthesis only during the day and respiration only at night.             (T/F)                         

(iii) Frogs breathe through their skins as well as their lungs.           (T/F) 

(iv) The fishes have lungs for respiration.           (T/F)

(v) The size of the chest cavity increases during inhalation.                      (T/F)


Best Answer

Solution: (i) False.

During heavy exercise, we breathe faster and deeper than usual for faster breakdown of food to release energy.

(ii) False.

Photosynthesis doesn’t take place at night whereas respiration occurs in plants throughout the day and night.   

(iii) True.

Though frogs have pair of lungs like human beings, they can also breathe through their skin, which is moist and slippery.

(iv) False.

Fishes do not have lungs. In fishes, gaseous exchange takes place through gills.

(v) True.

 During inhalation, ribs move up and outwards and diaphragm moves down. This movement increases space in our chest cavity and air rushes into the lungs.


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