. Match List-I with List-II Related to Fundamental Rights and choose the correct from given codes

List-1                                                          List-2

A. Right to Equality                                    i. Article 19 to 22

B. Right against Exploitation                     ii. Article 29 to 30

C. Right to Education and culture             iii. Article 14 to 18

D. Right to Freedom or Liberty                  iv. Article 23 to 24


   (A)    (B)    (C)    (D)

1. (ii)    (iii)    (iv)   (i)

2. (iii)   (iv)      (ii)         (i)

3. (i)     (ii)    (iii)    (iv)

4. (iv)  (i)       (ii)         (iii)

Best Answer

Ans: 2

Sol: (A) Right to Equality (i) Article 14 to 18

(B) Right against Exploitation (ii) Article 23 to 24

(C) Right to Education and culture (iii) Article 29 to 30

(D) Right to Freedom or Liberty (iv) Article 19 to 22


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