. Match the substances given in column A with

Match the substances given in column A with their uses given in column B:

Column A

(i) Gold

(ii) Iron

(iii) Aluminium

(iv) Carbon

(v) Copper

(vi) Mercury

Column B

(a) Thermometers

(b) Electric wires

(c) Wrapping food

(d) Jewellery

(e) Machinery

(f) Fuel

Best Answer

(i) Gold - (d) Jewellery

Gold is used to make jewellery. This is because these metals are attractive due to their luster and rarity. These metals do not tarnish or react with air

(ii) Iron - (e) Machinery

Iron is a very strong metal. It is highly malleable and ductile and hence, can be changed into desired shapes

(iii) Aluminium - (c) Wrapping food

Aluminium is used to make thin foils for packaging medicines, chocolates and food items. This is because it provides a complete barrier to light, oxygen, moisture and bacteria

(iv) Carbon - (f) Fuel

Carbon can be used as a fuel in the form of coke and charcoal

(v) Copper - (b) Electric wires

The property of metals which enables them to be drawn into wires is called Ductility. Due to this property metals can be stretched without breaking and drawn into thin wires. For example, Aluminium and copper are examples of highly ductile metals

(vi) Mercury - (a) Thermometers

Mercury is used for making thermometers. It is liquid at room temperature and is a very good conductor of heat. Even a slightest change in temperature can be noted by using mercury

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