. Match the words of Column I with those given in Column II

Column I                 Column II

1. Scouring              a. Yields silk fibres

2. Mulberry leaves    b.Wool yielding animal

3. Yak                    c. Food of silk worm

4. Cocoon                d. Cleaning sheared skin


Best Answer

Solution: 1. Scouring              a. Cleaning sheared   skin

Scouring is a process in which sheared skin with hair is thoroughly washed in tanks to remove grease, dust and dirt.

2. Mulberry leaves    b. Food of silk worm

Mulberry leaves are the only leaves that are eaten by silk worms.

3. Yak                    c. Wool yielding animal

Wool comes from Yak, camel and goat. These wool-yielding animals bear hair on their body. Hair keeps these animals warm. Wool is derived from these hairy fibres.

4. Cocoon                d. Yields silk fibres

The outer covering of silk moth (Caterpillar) which is made up of silk fibres is called cocoon. The silk yarn (thread) is obtained from the cocoon of the silk moth.

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