. Mendel crossed tall pea plants with dwarf pea plants in his experiment. Write his observations giving reasons on the F1 and F2 generations

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Ans. In Mendel's experiments with pea plants, when he crosspred  a tall peaplant with a dwarf pea plant, he found  that the first generation  F1 was of only tall plants. In the F1 progeny, no dwarf plants were obtained.  However in F2 generation, both tall and dwarf plants were obtained  in the ratio of 3 : 2 respectively. In the F2 progeny both traits   tallness and   dwarfness   were inherited   where   the tall character   was the dominant trait and dwarf character was the recessive trait. Flow chart depicting  Mendel's experiment. When plants of two different traits of character are crossbred to get a progeny (F generation), only the dominant trait is visible in this generation. But when plants of F1 generation are selfbred then the two traits of character get separated and the recessive traint also appears in the plant of F2 generation. This is known as Law of Segregation (separation) of traits


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