. Mention some of the rights of consumers and write a few sentences on each

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Answer: A few rights of the consumers include:

i. Right to information – The RTI Act was passed in 2005 with an aim to make every citizen of the country aware of the functioning of the Government.

ii. Right to Choose – Any consumer who receives a service in whatever capacity, regardless of age, gender and nature of service, has the right to choose whether to continue to receive the service. No customer can be denied the right to choose what they want to buy.

iii. Right to Seek Redressal – Consumers have the right to seek redressal against unfair trade practices and exploitation. If any damage is done to a consumer, she has the right to get compensation depending on the degree of damage.

iv. Right to Represent – This act gives the right of the consumer to present before the consumer court and present their case of disparity in the form of law.

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