. Mercury is closer to the Sun than the Venus

But Venus is hotter than Mercury. This is because

A: Mercury has no atmosphere and Venus has a thick atmosphere which can retain the heat.

B: Mercury is mostly made up of sedimentary rocks while Venus contains igneous rocks.

C: Mercury being closer to the Sun, Sun absorbs the heat of the Mercury.

D: All of the above are true.


Best Answer


Venus planet is hotter because of the greenhouse effect: Venus has an atmosphere that is ninety times thicker than

Earth's and is almost entirely composed of carbon dioxide, one of the gasses that causes the greenhouse effect on Earth.

Mercury's atmosphere, on the other hand, contains trace amounts of hydrogen, helium, and oxygen. As a result, the heat received might also be expelled.

This explains why Venus is hotter than Mercury.

Final Answer:

Hence, Option (A) is correct.



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