. Myxomyxetes are:

(a)  saprobes or parasites, having mycelia, asexual reproduction by fragmentation, sexual reproduction by fusion of gametes

(b)  slimy mass of multinucleate protoplasm, having pseudopodia like structures for engulfing food, reproduction through fragmentation or zoospores

(c)  prokaryotic organisms, cellular or acellular, saprobes or autotrophic reproduce by binary fission

(d)  eukaryotic, single-celled or filamentous, saprobes or autotrophic, asexual reproduction by division of haploid individuals, sexual reproduction by fusion of two cells or their nuclei


Best Answer

Answer : (b)

Solution : Myxomyxetes are known as cellular slime moulds, they grow in damp places e.g., soil and rotting trees trunk. Myxomyxetes are slimy mass of the multinucleated protoplasm that have pseudopodia like structure for engulfing foods. Reproduction in them takes place through fragmentation or zoopores.


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