. Name some of the commonly used herbal plants in India, along with their uses.

Best Answer

The commonly used plants in India are:

(i) Sarpagandha:Used to treat blood pressure. It is found only in India.

(ii) Jamun:The juice from ripe fruit is used to prepare vinegar, which is carminative and diuretic, and has digestive properties. The powder of the seed is used for controlling diabetes.

(iii) Arjun:The fresh juice of leaves is a cure for earache. It is also used to regulate blood pressure.

(iv) Babool:Leaves are used as a cure for eye sores. Its gum is used as a tonic.

(v) Neem:Has high antibiotic and antibacterial properties.

(vi) Tulsi Plant:I used to cure cough and cold.

(vii) Kachnar:Is used to cure asthma and ulcers. The buds and roots are good for digestive problems.


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