. Name the compound formed when ethanol is heated is excess of cone. sulphuric acid at 443 K

Also  write   the  chemical   equation  of  the  reaction  stating the  role  of  cone. sulphuric acid  in  it. What would  happen if hydrogen is added  to the  product  of this reaction  in the presence  of catalysts  such as palladium or nickel?                                    


Best Answer

Ans.  When ethanol is heated with excess of concentrated  sulphuric  acid at 170° C (443K) it gets dehydrated to form ethene (an unsaturated hydrocarbon).

In  this  reaction,  concentrated  sulphuric   acid  acts  as  a  dehydrating agent  which removes water molecule from the ethanol  molecule.

If hydrogen  is added  to the ethene  (product  of above  reaction) in the presence  of catalysts  like palladium  or nickel then one atom of H adds  to each carbon atom of ethene due to which the double  bond opens up to form a single bond in ethane.    



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