. Name the factors on which the heat produced

in a wire depends when current is passed in it,and state how does it depend on the factors stated by you.


Best Answer


Factors responsible for the heating of wire when current passes through it is:

  1. Resistance of wire
  2. Time duration for which current flow
  3. Magnitude of current I

According to joule’s law of heating, heat produced in the wire will be

H = I2RT.

The heat produced H is directly proportional to (a) square of current passing through wire, (b) resistance of the wire and (c) time duration for which current flows.

Heating of wire is loss as it converts useful electrical energy into heat. To reduce heating of wire, the wire should have low resistance. 

R = ρL/A

Wire made with materials of low resistivity, larger cross section area and small length are preferred.  

Final answer:

Factors responsible for heating of wire are resistance of wire, magnitude of current in the wire and time duration of current supplied.

Heating depends on the square to magnitude of current, increases linearly with increase in resistance of wire and time duration.



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