. Name the process associated with the following

Name the process associated with the following


(a) Dry ice is kept at room temperature and at  one atmospheric pressure.


(b) A drop of ink placed on the surface of water contained in a glass spreads throughout the water.


(c) A potassium permanganate crystal is in a beaker and water is poured into the beaker with stirring.


(d) A acetone bottle is left open and the bottle becomes empty.


(e) Milk is churned to separate cream from it.


(f) Settling of sand when a mixture of sand and water is left undisturbed


for some time.


(g) Fine  beam  of light  entering through a small  hole  in  a dark  room, illuminates the particles in its paths


Best Answer

(a) Sublimation        

(b) Diffusion

(c) Dissolution/diffusion

(d) Evaporation, diffusion

(e) Centrifugation

(f) Sedimentation

(g) Scattering of light  (Tyndall effect)

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