. Nitrogen and hydrogen react to form ammonia

Nitrogen and hydrogen react to form ammonia.

N2 (g) + 3H2 (g)2NH3 (g)

If 1000g H2 react with 2000g of N2:

(a) Will any of the two reactants remain unreacted? If yes, which one and what will be its mass?

(b) Calculate the mass of ammonia(NH3) that will be formed?


Best Answer

N2 + 3H2 →2NH3


28g of nitrogen requires hydrogen = 6g

2000g of nitrogen requires hydrogen = 6/28×2000=3000/7g

So mass of hydrogen left unreacted =1000-3000/7=571.4g of H2

(b)28g of nitrogen forms NH3 = 34g

2000g of N2 forms NH3

= 34/28×2000



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