. Organogenesis or morphogenesis in tissue culture is controlled/regulated by phytohormones the credit of this important discovery goes to

a. Skoog and Miller (1957)

b.Guha and Maheswari (1964)

c. Calvin and Benson (1894)

d. Halperin and Wetherall (1964)

Best Answer

Answer ||| (a)

Solution ||| Organogenesis or morphogenesis is the regeneration of an organ from the undifferentiated mass of cells. Which is best known as callus, Skoog and Miller (1957) showed that appropriate concentration of phytohormone auxin and cytokinin stimulate the morphogenesis of organogenesis. Higher concentration of auxin with cytokinin promotes cell division in roots while higher concentration of cytokinin with auxin stimulate cell division in roots.


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