. Our food grains such as wheat and rice, the vegetables and fruits and even meat are found to contain

varying  amounts  of  pesticide residues .State the  reason  to explain how  and  why  it happens

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Ans. Pesticides  are  poisonous  chemical substances  which  are  sprayed   over  crop  plants  to protect them from pests and diseases. These pesticides mix up with soil and water and are then absorbed by growing plants along with water and other  minerals. Thus pesticides enter the food chain at the producer  level (plant level) and  in the process of transfer of food through  food chains these harmful  chemicals get concentrated-at each trophic level. These chemicals  are non-biodegradable, so they  get accumulated  at  each  trophic  level. Pesticides present in wheat grains, fruits vegetables and meat cannot always be removed by washing,  etc.


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