. Patients suffering from cholera are given a saline drip because

a. Na+ions help in stopping nerve impulses and hence, sensation of pain 

b. Na+ions help in the retention of water in the body tissues

c. NaCl is an important component of energy supply

d. NaCl furnishes mot of the fuel required for cellular activity

Best Answer

Solution ||| Severe diarrhoea, vomiting watery stools are the chief symptoms of cholera. All these lead to dehydration. Actually, cholera toxin secreted by Vibrio cholera cause, through series of metabolic reactions, the continuous activation of adenylate cylase of intestinal epithelial cells. The resultant high concentration of c-AMP triggers continuous secretion of Cl-, and water into the lumen of the intestine. Administration of saline not only supports the sodium-potassium pump through which water in cell is restored, but glucose is also symported along with sodium.


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